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Business Information and Credit Reports since 1978

Ibis International

Established 1978 in Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

Ibis International was founded in Frankfurt/Main on November 23, 1978. IBIS is the acronym for International Business Information Services.

Another IBIS company was established in Stockholm (Sweden) on September 14, 1979 in order to compile and supply Swedish business information to customers outside Sweden and to supply business information from foreign countries to Swedish export companies.

In Flensburg since 1981

The German organization of Ibis International was relocated from Frankfurt/Main to Flensburg in 1981 in order to be closer to the Scandinavian markets.

Owing to the computerization of operations, both businesses were consolidated in 1987 and located in Flensburg. In 1995 we decided to supply Scandinavian business information from Denmark, Norway and Sweden only to other information services in Europe and overseas. International information reports, however, continued to be delivered to Sweden and various authorities in Europe.

Ibis International today

Since January 1, 2019 our business information may also be acquired directly from German trading and export companies. The reports are generally delivered in English. A brief survey with the most salient facts is included in German. Information reports from Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Norway and Sweden can also be supplied in German.

All information services are charged in Euro. Ibis does not charge such extra costs as organizational contributions, membership fees, etc. After determining the potential annual requirements of a relevant customer, Ibis International grants quantity and country discounts.


The Managing Director of Ibis International, Mr Bernd Schwartz, has many years of experience in the field of Scandinavian and international business intelligence.

He was co-founder and Managing Director of Schimmelpfeng Svenska AB, Justitia International AB, Ibis Business Information Sweden AB, all located in Stockholm, and of Ibis International ApS, Copenhagen (Denmark), Justitia international Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH in Frankfurt/Main (Germany). Moreover, Bernd Schwartz used to serve as consultant to the management of Messrs. Soliditet AS, Oslo (Norway), Justitia International A/S, Copenhagen, and Justitia AG, Zurich (Switzerland).